Discover the Scottish Areas that Voted to Leave the EU

Discover the Scottish Areas that Voted to Leave the EU

  • Aberdeenshire
  • Angus
  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • East Ayrshire
  • East Dunbartonshire
  • East Lothian
  • East Renfrewshire
  • Fife
  • Highland
  • Midlothian
  • Moray
  • North Ayrshire
  • Orkney Islands
  • Perth and Kinross
  • Scottish Borders
  • Shetland Islands
  • South Ayrshire
  • Stirling
  • West Dunbartonshire
  • West Lothian
  • Western Isles
Areas of Scotland Voted to Leave the EU
Aberdeen City Yes
Aberdeenshire Yes
Angus Yes
Argyll and Bute Yes
Clackmannanshire No
Dumfries and Galloway Yes
Dundee City No
East Ayrshire Yes
East Dunbartonshire No
East Lothian No
East Renfrewshire No
Edinburgh, City of No
Eilean Siar Yes
Falkirk Yes
Fife No
Glasgow City No
Highland Yes
Inverclyde Yes
Midlothian No
Moray Yes
North Ayrshire Yes
North Lanarkshire
Which areas of Scotland voted to leave the EU?

Several areas of Scotland voted to leave the EU, reflecting the diverse opinions within the country. One notable area that voted to leave was Moray, located in the northeastern part of Scotland. Moray has historically had a strong agricultural sector, and concerns over EU agricultural policies may have influenced their decision. Additionally, parts of the Scottish borders region voted to leave, such as Dumfries and Galloway. This area, which shares a border with England, has a mix of rural and urban communities, and the desire for more control over immigration and trade policies may have influenced their vote. On the other hand, it is important to note that the majority of Scotland, including major cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, voted to remain in the EU. These urban areas have been more supportive of the benefits of international cooperation and open borders, and their decision to remain likely reflects their desire to maintain close ties with Europe. Overall, the vote to leave the EU in certain areas of Scotland highlights the complexity of opinions within the country and the diverse factors that influenced the outcome.

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  • Which areas of Scotland voted to leave the EU?
  • Did any areas in Scotland vote to remain in the EU?
  • What was the voting percentage for leaving the EU in Scotland?
  • Were there any significant regional differences in Scotland’s Brexit vote?
  • How did rural areas in Scotland vote in the EU referendum?
  • Did urban areas in Scotland have a different voting pattern in the EU referendum?
  • Were there any correlations between voting patterns in Scotland and age demographics?
  • What were the main factors influencing the voting decisions in Scotland?
  • What were the main arguments put forward by the leave campaign in Scotland?
  • Did any areas in Scotland experience a shift in voting preferences in the years following the referendum?

Which areas of Scotland voted to leave the EU?

The regions of Scotland that opted to withdraw from the European Union can be identified by the specific localities within Scotland that cast their votes in favor of departure. Inquiring about the geographical locations within Scotland that supported exiting the EU allows for a more nuanced understanding of the regional disparities in voting patterns. Identifying the precise areas of Scotland that favored leaving the EU provides insights into the diverse perspectives that exist within the nation. Differentiating the constituencies in Scotland that voted to break ties with the European Union aids in comprehending the demographic and socioeconomic factors that influenced their decision. Enquiring about the regions of Scotland that backed leaving the EU unveils the distinct preferences and sentiments of various communities within the nation. Identifying the specific areas in Scotland that chose to withdraw from the EU contributes to a more comprehensive analysis of the underlying reasons and motivations behind their stance.

Can you identify the regions in Scotland that chose to leave the EU?

Certainly! The identification of the Scottish regions that opted for an exit from the European Union can be accomplished by discerning the localities within Scotland that exhibited a preference for disentanglement from the EU. This entails scrutinizing the various districts in Scotland to ascertain which areas expressed a desire to sever ties with the European Union. Determining the regions in Scotland that elected to part ways with the EU necessitates the examination of the specific locales within Scotland that demonstrated a proclivity towards separation from the European Union. This entails analyzing the different districts across Scotland to ascertain which localities indicated a preference for breaking away from the European Union.

In the context of Scotland, which areas were in favor of leaving the EU?

In the Scottish context, certain regions exhibited a proclivity towards departing from the European Union. Various localities within Scotland showcased a predilection for opting out of the EU. Certain districts within the Scottish borders demonstrated a preference for severing ties with the European Union. Furthermore, certain constituencies within Scotland exhibited a tendency towards withdrawing from the EU. In addition, specific areas within Scotland displayed a propensity for disengaging from the European Union. Moreover, particular locales within Scotland showcased a leaning towards exiting the EU. Additionally, certain sectors within Scotland indicated a disposition for breaking away from the European Union. Furthermore, particular regions within Scotland revealed a favorable inclination towards leaving the European Union. Certain parts of Scotland portrayed an inclination for parting ways with the EU. In particular, specific territories within Scotland exhibited a preference for renouncing membership in the European Union. Additionally, certain districts within Scotland displayed a willingness for disentangling from the EU. Moreover, certain electoral wards within Scotland demonstrated a predilection for separating from the European Union. In particular, distinct areas within Scotland showcased a readiness for relinquishing ties with the EU.

Could you list the specific locations in Scotland that voted to leave the EU?

Might you provide a compilation of the precise areas within Scotland that cast their ballots in favor of departing from the European Union? I would be most obliged if you could furnish me with an enumeration of the particular regions within Scotland that expressed their desire to disengage from the EU.

Regarding the EU referendum in Scotland, which areas voted to exit?

In relation to the EU plebiscite in Scotland, which regions opted to depart? In regard to the referendum on European Union membership held in Scotland, which localities chose to withdraw?

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